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Who we work with:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering Firms
  • Commercial
  • Power Generation
  • Waste Treatment

The Valve Group

The Valve Group provides specialized and innovative valve technologies - For more info.

Overpressure Protection

Fike provides certified rupture discs to meet all applications for process industries - For more info.

Explosion Protection

Fike features a full line of explosion protection solutions - For more info.

Power and Process

CIRCOR Energy is a global provider of highly engineered steam, water and gas solutions - For more info.

Process & Mechanical Equipment

Curtiss-Wright The Valve Group

Curtiss-Wright The Valve Group

  • Farris Engineering- Section I and Section VIII relief valve solutions
  • Solent and Pratt- Severe service Butterfly and double block and bleed isolation solutions
  • Phönix- Globe, Check, Gate and Plug valves


Fike Overpressure Protection

Fike Overpressure Protection

  • Complete line of process rupture disc/venting and monitoring solutions
  • Sanitary rupture discs for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry

Fike Explosion Protection

  • Passive and Active Explosion protection for NFPA and ATEX Designs
  • Dust testing and analysis services in accordance with applicable ASTM and CEN Standards.
Circor Power and Process

Circor Power and Process

  • Spence Engineering- Pressure reducing valves,  pilot operated regulators for steam, water and air service. Complete line of steam /condensate trap solutions
  • RTK- Stem guided control valve solutions for steam, water and air. Pneumatic and Electric actuators
  • Leslie Control- Cage Guided, Process Control Valves, Rotary Plug Control Valves, Regulators



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